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Lots of advisers have pages like this where they post scrolling 'financial news' feeds. Does anyone ever read those? Tell us if you think we're wrong but we think that if you're looking for financial news (aka 'noise') there are probably better places to go for it than the Park Financial website.

Also, remember what I said on our 'investment page' (What? You didn't read that?) about financial experts. Well, they are everywhere these days and, to be honest, we don't set a lot of store by most of them. As we call it, you can put 10 investment experts in a room and get 11 different opinions. They can't all be right now can they?

However, sometimes you might just want to see what's going on out there so we list below some weblinks that we think are pretty cool when it comes to straight talk about finance.

Some websites we like

The Money Advice Service - a little bit cheeky of them with this name because there's not much 'advice' going on but they do have some useful calculators

BBC Business News - A little bit 'stodgy' at times but it is the BBC so it should at least be reliable

The Motley Fool - lots of good articles written in plain English and pretty straight talking (just skip past all the ads - oh and try not to give them your email address. I have to delete loads of their emails)

Moneyfacts - probably my favourite comparison site (as with Motley Fool try to not give them your email - you'll never hear the last of it)

This one's just a bit of fun but it tells you if you should buy that special something you're longing for or not

....but what are Park Financial saying?

Check out Ivor's forthright views on Twitter @ivor_park_fin -

or at his blog here

(for stuff the mainstream financial services media won't tell you)

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