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Is there anything duller, more complex and more guaranteed to send you to sleep than pensions? Be honest now, you're already yawning at the thought of them aren't you.

At Park Financial we love pensions. Okay, that's probably going a bit too far - but we do recognise them as being extremely important. Why? Because, for most people, a pension is what they are going to live off once they stop working.


Sadly, the magic retirement fairy isn't going to come along and just make everything right. Retirement has to be planned for and, dull though it is, the alternatives don't bear thinking about. Being poor is never great - but being old and poor really sucks.


At Park Financial we can


  • show you how much you can look forward to at retirement based on your current arrangements (go on, have a guess - I suspect you may be disappointed)
  • help you figure out how much you're going to need
  • Work out the best way to get to that happy place


If you have existing pensions, are they working as hard for you as they could? Or are they lining the pockets of others more than they are you (that can't be good)? We can provide you with an impartial second opinion on your plans and make sure everything is as it should be. Hopefully, we can tell you 'it's alright, everything's great' but, if not, better to find out now than when it's too late.

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