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There's more rubbish spoken and written about investments than just about anything (except, perhaps, art ....or sex). You can't turn on a TV or open a newspaper these days without some investment 'guru' forcing his expert opinions into your ears.

Guess what? Turns out most of these self-important gurus are just saying stuff to fill up airtime (or column inches) rather than giving you any really meaningful information.

When you think about it, how could they tell you anything useful? They don't know the first thing about your personal financial situation. It'd be like switching on breakfast TV and hearing Doctor Rosemary tell you that you have a fever. Exactly - a laughable idea.


It is our role as an IFA (independent financial adviser) to help you choose the right investments in order to help you meet your objectives.

Did you see how we boldened up the 'you' and 'your' in that last sentence? That's quite deliberate because we know that more than half of the secret to getting the right investment is inside you. All we supply is the knowledge about what's out there so we can point you in the right direction towards finding it.


At Park Financial, we know that investment advice is a partnership between you and us. We aim to educate and inform (and, yes, sometimes entertain) so that, when you choose to invest in something, you understand what it is and why you're getting it.

We get to that position and we've done our job well.

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